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Healthy, Vegan Dog Food

Discover healthy, humane, and all natural, non-GMO dog food for your best friend. We carry the top brands, such as Evolution, and are your premier importer of AmiDog from Italy.

Explore Toys

Explore our selection of the highest quality toys, and you're sure to find that perfect toy for the dog or cat in your life.

AmiCat Vegan Cat Food

We are the premier importer of the high-quality AmiCat vegan cat food from Italy. You and your cat will quickly grow to love it.

Toys & Treats for Cats

From certified organic catnip, organic treats, and hemp cat toys, you are sure to find something that will make the cat in your life happy.
    New Products
    We are constantly looking for new and innovative eco-friendly, humane, vegan, and natural products for our customers. Here are a few of our recent additions!

    New Products

    Featured Products

    Featured Products
    Here are a few of our favorite and most popular vegan, eco-friendly, and natural pet products such as food, toys, and bedding.