About Us

About Eco Dogs And Cats


Delta Farrington, has been a vegan for twenty-seven years as well as a avid supporter  for veganism and the environment.

This company grew out of that lifestyle she practices and her desire to offer those same healthy and humane products that are earth-friendly and vegan.

She believes that we should not harm any animal to feed another animal allowing her pets to live the same cruelty free lifestyle that she lives.

“I practice what I preach. My cat Simba has been a vegan since we adopted her and my dog Hannah for 10 years. Our household, including our three animal companions, eat natural and organic, humane and cruelty free, vegan foods.”

We also support eco and organic farming for food, materials, etc.

We have carefully gathered the most pure and wonderful products for dogs and cats and we sincerely hope you and your companions enjoy them.

Learn more by watching our recent webinar with myself and Dr Aramaiti May here. 

Delta Farrington
Vegan Owner