Sam's Yams - Bichon Fries, 5 oz.

Sam's Yams - Bichon Fries, 12.5oz

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  • Sam's Yams - Bichon Fries, 5 oz.

Bichon “Fries” are the smallest chew: they resemble crinkle cut french fries. They are perfect for smaller breeds as a chew, or a treat for larger dogs. They are still chewy but they tear easily into smaller pieces too, for treats or training. They are available in 5 oz. resealable bags.

An excellent chew for all dog sizes. Made of whole thick slabs of sweet potato, dehydrated. The chews have a hard surface, excellent for dental health, and a chewability that dogs love. Smaller breeds will chew these for fifteen to twenty five minutes. Medium to larger sized dogs will chew them faster, of course. All Sam’s Yams Dog Chews are particularly well suited for senior dogs whose teeth and gums are more sensitive.

Made from 100% sweet potato, Sam's Yams ® are totally digestible and are an excellent nutritional chew, far superior to other health treats in any nutritional comparison. We use only water in our processing. Nothing else.