Heavenly Gentle Dog Shampoo

Heavenly Gentle Dog Shampoo

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  • Heavenly Gentle Dog Shampoo

Heavenly Organic™ shampoos and spa products contain only premium quality ingredients. All of our shampoos are highly concentrated, vegan friendly, PH balanced for dogs and contain certified organic botanicals, essentials oils and biodynamic oils for a heavenly aromatherapy experience to soothe and nurture. Our products are non-irritating to the eyes and hypoallergenic. The natural surfactant properties of the plant based materials lift off the dirt without stripping the coat’s natural oils. Our labels are 100% FSC Certified Forest-free certified paper and our bottles contain recycled materials and no PCBs.

Groomers…make the transition from chemical based shampoos to our line of Heavenly Organic™ Chemical FREE dog shampoos for the sake of your health, the health of dogs and for the health of the Earth.

Do you know that…

• chemicals in shampoos have a 50% absorption rate in your body?

• dog groomers, estheticians and hair stylists have the highest rate of Alzheimer’s Disease, cancers and miscarriages?

"Many shampoos contain harsh detergents that actually strip all of the coat’s oils leaving a fluffy looking coat. Other shampoos that claim to be "moisturizing" may contain chemical additives such as propylene glycol, which is a cosmetic form of mineral oil and works as a humescent, which creates retention of moisture. This chemical is also a skin irritant, can cause liver and kidney damage and is also found in paint, wallpaper removers and de-greasers." Laura Boston, President, Animal Sense Pet Products Inc.


HEAVENLY ORGANIC™  HEAVENLY GENTLE PUPPY SHAMPOO has been written up in moderndog magazine Spring 2009 as a BEST BEAUTY BETS (Page 103)! www.moderndogmagazine.com This shampoo is gentle enough for young puppies and may be used on small animals such as gerbils and guinea pigs. The blends of oils are natural moisturizers and emollients, which provide proteins and vitamins that benefit the hair shaft. This special blend of herbs, botanicals and essential oils gently cleans and nourishes without stripping the coat’s natural oils.