HomeoPet DermaDog+

HomeoPet DermaDog+

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HomeoPet's DermaDog+ is an herbal remedy for itchy, irritated skin. It's a topical solution that uses natural herbs and essential oils that have proven effective for thousands of years. DermaDog+ can be safely used in conjunction with other HomeoPet skin remedies.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well, then just back brush the coat and lightly mist to moisten the affected areas of the skin.

▪ Safe and effective

▪ Recommended by vets

▪ Clinical strength

▪ Pleasant scent


Your Pet's Symptoms

▪ Itchy, irritated skin
▪ Minor skin allergies


Possible Causes

▪ Flea & insect bites
▪ Hot spots
▪ Sunburn
▪ Abrasions 
▪ Minor skin infections


Suggested Remedy