CocoTherapy Hairball Plus For Cats

CocoTherapy Hairball Plus For Cats

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  • CocoTherapy Hairball Plus For Cats
CocoTherapy CAT HAIRBALL PLUS™ is made with only one ingredient, high-fiber organic coconut. It contains NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers, so you can feel good giving it to your kittens and cats -- even those with sensitive stomachs or food allergies! Coconut fiber passes through the intestines and has a much greater impact on intestinal transit time. It increases stool bulk to help waste pass through more efficiently.

CocoTherapy Hairball Plus is different from other coconut products: Unlike other coconut products which will not break down in water, CocoTherapy Hairball Plus breaks down easily in moisture, feeding friendly gut bacteria, thereby producing Short-Chain Fatty Acids that are necessary for optimum gut health.

Our coconut fiber is rich in fiber: 93% insoluble fiber and 7% soluble fiber. Not only is it beneficial for managing hairballs; it also benefits your cat in several ways:

* Helps your cat pass hairballs more easily by adding moisture and bulk to his/her stool
* Does NOT contain phytic acid, which depletes your cat of vitamins and minerals; unlike psyllium and grain-based fibers often used in other hairball formulas
* Contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) to support healthy immune response
* Supports healthy skin and coat. This means less shedding
* Supports digestive health and gastrointestinal tract function
* Supports healthy weight
* Safe for kittens and pregnant cats
* Safe for long-term use


* Raw & vegan
* Grain & gluten free
* Dairy-free
* No Trans Fat
* No preservatives, colors, salt, or sugar
* No sulfites
* No mineral oil and petroleum
* Breaks down easily in water (unlike other dehydrated coconut products)
* 100% Human-grade
* 100% USDA certified organic
* Non-GMO

There are other ways to help prevent hairballs in your cat:

* Provide clean, fresh water. This is important when adding fiber to his diet.
* Brush your cat daily to remove loose hairs that cause hairballs.
* Exercise and play with your cat daily.
* If your cat has large amounts of hairballs, try giving CocoTherapy Organic Virgin Coconut Oil™ in addition to CocoTherapy Hairball Plus.

HOW TO GIVE: Give 1-2 tsp per 10 lb body weight, dividing amount over AM and PM meals daily (.83 grams of fiber in 1 tsp or 1.67 grams of fiber in 2 tsp). Mix with food. If you prefer, you can add water, which will break down the dehydrated coconut.

Packaging: Available in 7 oz/198g resealable foil pouch. The pouch has approximately 50 - 1 teaspoon servings.