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Like us, our dog and cat companions spend a big part of their life on their beds. We have selected some of the best beds available for dogs and cats. All of the beds we carry are made of all vegan materials of course. We do our best to find the most eco-friendly beds for cats and dogs possible. So take a look at our selections and let your dog or cat friend start sleeping soundly on a comfortable new bed. Hannah (the dog) loves her bed.

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The Organic Bumper Bed® is made with a removable organic cotton cover, helping our Earth by reducing the amount of chemicals we put into the ground. The cushion used on the inside of the donut dog bed is made from 100% recycled IntelliLoft®, which was previously plastic soda bottles. Since it takes less energy to clean and recycle plastic bottles than it does to make new plastic, you are not only helping keep plastic from going to landfills, but lowering the carbon footprint too. With a clean, fresh feel there is no better dog bed out there for your pooch, for you, and for the environment. Try it out with your allergic, sensitive or orthopedic pups. This bed is Certified Safe by third party testing! You and your furry friend can rest comfortably, knowing that every part of this dog bed has been rigorously tested for over 100 potentially harmful substances and found to be 100% Safe! Sweet dreams for everyone in the house! Machine washable with a zippered opening for easy washing. Five sizes range from the extra small dog bed for the tiny breeds to the extra large dog bed for those friends we have with the really big paws. Made in Montana, USA. Individual bed parts are also available.


A palette of warm and cool colors helps you find just the right match for your home and personal sense of style. One-piece machine washing and drying for easy maintenance. Non-toxic and Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified safe. Designed to fit standard-sized crates. Made in Montana, USA. Eco Friendly fabric made with IntelliLoft® recycled fibers, milled in the USA, is clean, safe and comprised of completely re-engineered fibers for optimum quality and durability. Added layer of support uses batting comprised of 61% recycled long-staple IntelliLoft® fiber fill: Number of Bottles Diverted from Landfills, by Size of Mat: XS 8.7 bottles S 12.2 bottles M 18.3 bottles L 22.5 bottles


We all know that cats can be finicky, so give them a bed they will appreciate. This bed is made from soft, cozy designer fabric, our mats are ideal for any size cat and any length catnap. Unlike other mats on the market, this custom designed fabric has a poly-knit backing that interlocks the fibers to add strength without sacrificing softness.

Thick recycled poly batting is sewn inside for extra comfort and top-stitching eliminates bunching, while creating a raised edge for added support. 19" x 15" x 2"

Easy to clean! Machine Wash on COLD/COLD. Machine Dry on LOW heat. (For the very best results, tumble dry with no heat).

  • Handcrafted in the USA.
  • Sewn in cushion with comfortable raised edge.
  • Easy to wash one piece design.
  • Durable design - no matter what size kitty cat's claws!
  • Perfect travel bed for cats, or just place in a quiet corner.
  • Available in 4 colors.
Our durable, Montana Nap® is light-weight so it travels easily fitting perfectly in crates and the back seats of cars to keep upholstery clean. Perfect for people who love to travel with pets. As plush and soft as it is strong, Montana Nap’s enhanced cushion and ultimate comfort pleases pets, while its materials preserve our planet. Available in home decor friendly colors or patterns. Each Montana Nap is handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana using only textiles that are also made in America, including IntelliLoft® fiber and fill derived from recycled plastic.
Our Heyday Bed® with micro suede resists dirt, paws and claws. This dog bed has an antimicrobial protection that repels odor while the micro suede fiber is durable and super easy to clean.
This STEP has a vertical SCRATCH PAD added. The beautiful, natural wood STEP has 5 slots to connect BRIDGES or BOWLS. Custom order only. Please allow approximately one week to ship.
This beautiful, natural wood STEP has 5 slots to connect BRIDGES or BOWLS, allowing you to expand your habitat in 5 directions.Custom orders only. Please allow approximately one week to ship.
This beautiful, natural wood BABY PERCH is perfect for small cats or kittens and has 5 slots to connect BRIDGES or BOWLS and allows you to expand your habitat in 5 directions.
This beautiful large natural wood QUEEN PERCH can be used with a QUEEN NAP-NET –sleeping loft or as a simple perch, bowls and bridges can be added as well. Custom order only. Please allow approximately one week for shipment.
This beautiful natural wood Starter-Kit has all the basics for one cat. Create your own Cat Habitat on the wall with this fun, innovative, modular system. Custom order only. Please allow approximately one week for shipping.
The ORIO Bed Morning Mist
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In this latest trend setting one piece design, the inner cushion is built directly into the bottom of the bed. Great solution for dogs that tend to take out and play with removable cushions from their bed. Fibre topped orthopedic foam bottom insert provides superior support and comfort, making this a great bed for older or arthritic dogs. Assorted Colors

Buy two of these blankets because you are going to want one for yourself! Our Big Sky Blanket® is the perfect throw for any couch, chair or car, made with a rugged yet smooth faux suede on one side and a silky soft fabric on the other, these blankets are a dream come true! Keep your home looking stylish and eliminate unwanted pet fur from furniture by using this luxurious new blanket wherever your pet chooses to lay its head.


Savvy Rest makes comfortable, non-toxic beds your companions will love! Made of natural latex, the beds have removable organic cotton covers and are available in a range of sizes. You want a natural latex mattress made of pure and proven materials. And you want to invest wisely. For quality, consistent performance, and durability, the real value is a Savvy Rest.

The Savvy Doggy™ supports your pooch in pure comfort. Organic cotton flannel surrounds a sturdy core of pressure-relieving, snooze-inducing natural latex. Solid or shredded latex core. Inner lining: 5-ounce organic cotton canvas. Zippered outer cover: 8-ounce organic cotton flannel. Machine wash casing, cold water, gentle cycle. Line or air dry. Colors: Natural or Black. Sizes: Small (20" x 30"), Medium (26" x 37"), or Large (37" x 47").

The Savvy Kitty™ cuddles your cat in comfort. Pure coziness! Soft organic cotton flannel surrounds a core of purr-inducing natural latex. Tommy likes his! Solid latex core. Inner lining: 5-ounce organic cotton canvas. Zippered outer cover: 8-ounce organic cotton flannel. Machine wash casing, cold water, gentle cycle. Line or air dry. Colors: Natural or Black. Size: 15" x 20"

Some information about materials, provided by the manufacturer:  It's important to understand the difference between cotton fiber and cotton fabric. Fibers are strands of material made from cotton, polyester, wool, or silk. [As a vegan company, Eco Dogs And Cats does NOT use--or endorse the use of--silk or wool! ;).] Cotton fiber is used extensively in mattresses because it is very cheap to produce. Strands of the fiber trap air, creating loft, which can give a mattress a comfy feeling—at first. Mattresses filled with cotton fiber, organic or not, will harden. They also tend to take body impressions. Cotton fiber attracts moisture, which also causes the fiber to compress or pack down. Cotton fabric is different. It is made from spun thread, not loose fiber, and it will not compress. The woven fabric is very appropriate for mattress casings and for bedding. It’s soft, breathable and comfortable next to your skin. Savvy Rest uses superior organic cotton fabric.

Combines the comfort of a plush mattress with the ease of a mat. Machine washable.