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  • Natural Ear Solution for Cats & Dogs

    Does your cat or dog have ear mites? Ear Mites are extremely bothersome to your cat or dog. They are itchy and leave a bloody residue behind. Wait, dont run to the vets office yet. No matter how serious or mild the infection is Eco Dogs and Cats has just the right solution for you. It is a eco friendly, all natural, and chemical free solution for your  cat or dog. PetZLife Ear Mite Remedy is an all natural , herbal  and botanical ear remedy. It controls ear ticks and ear mites. PetZLife Ear Mite Remedy allows you to rid your pet of these pests.  It's easy just use the solution for 1 to 2 days-If after the first day, you see more inflammation then the previous days, that is normal. This means that PetZLife Ear Mite Remedy is eliminating anything that may be in the ear. Symptoms should decrease by the second day.


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  • Flea Season



    With flea season around the corner Eco Dogs and Cats has just the thing for your furry friends. We are proud to bring to you Spot On for Dogs and Spot On For Cats.  Spot on is an alternative flea drop  to  unhealthy, chemical driven  flea  drops. Spot on is made out of pure Neem Oil,  and is  100% chemical free. Did you know that many of the un-natural flea drops out there have ingredients that is poisons to your pet as well as yourself. The poisons that are used to kill fleas are not only harmful to the fleas but also harmful to your cat, dog and to humans. Spot On for Dogs, and Spot On For Cat doesn't use any of those harmful ingredients which keeps your pets  and yourself safe of any harmful chemicals.

  • Vegan Canned Dog Food for Plant Based Pups


    It's almost impossible to find vegan canned dog food in stores. One of the reasons Eco Dogs and Cats was created was for this very reason! We are proud to provide accessibility to healthy, cruelty free, and environmentally friendly dog and cat products.  We like to give our animal companions kibbles like Evolution Diet Dog Kibble and Ami Dog Kibble to give their teeth a healthy crunch, but we love to add canned foods into the mix for ultimate digestion and assimilation.

    Evolution Diet has our most popular canned foods for dogs. My puppy Sebastian will not even stop to take a breath when I serve some to him! We're happy that Evolution Diet Moist Canned Dog Food not only provides essential nutrients, like Taurine, but also adds extra vitamins and minerals to promote great health, digestion, and immunity!

    PetGuard vegan canned foods are also complete with all essential nutrients. Both formulas are completely free of animal by-products, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners or sugars. We're really excited that they have an Organic Vegan Formula, USDA Organic with more than 95% organic ingredients!

    Vegan Canned Food for Plant Based Pups












    Do you feed your dogs wet food all the time, or part of the time? We'd love your feedback on your experiences with canned food, if you're canine friends have ever tried vegan canned food, and what they thought of it! Leave us a comment below so we can hear your thoughts.

    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

  • Cranimals - Our Favorite Natural Daily Supplement

    Cranimals is our favorite natural daily supplement! At Eco Dogs and Cats, we sprinkle it on our dogs' and cats' food every day for a wonderful healthy boost! Even though the dog and cat foods we have are nutritionally adequate, we love adding something extra so we can be comforted knowing we are helping to give our animal companions optimal health!

    Cranimals has naturally simple and wholesome ingredients that are so beneficial to the health of our furry friends. All variations contain the base ingredient of certified organic cranberry extract, which helps to keep kidney, bladder and urinary tract in great shape. Cranberry extract contains antibacterial agents: proanthocyanidins (PACs), quinic, and hippuric acid. These reduce bacteria responsible for almost 80% of urinary tract infections and lower incidence of bladder and kidney stones by preventing the formation of calcium/magnesium phosphate crystals.

    The Original Cranimals is just that one powerful cranberry ingredient. It can also help with cardiac health, dental health, and the phytochemicals have even shown potential in slowing and improving age-related declines in memory, balance and coordination in dogs and cats! Very Berry also contains organic blueberry extract and organic raspberry extract, whose antioxidants and phytochemicals help with eye health and are anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Cranimals Gold formula is great for skin allergies and irritations with the addition of brewer's yeast, Vitamins E and C, Omega 3's (ALA and DHA from algae). Cranimals Vibe contains the nutrient rich ingredients of dried seaweed meal powder and organic spirulina powder, which are effective in detoxing and reducing inflammation and helping kidney, liver, brain, eye and skin health.

    All the Cranimals we sell at Eco Dogs and Cats are purely vegan and whole food supplements. We love that there are no fillers, artificial colors, flavors or artificial preservatives. It's also nice to know that a percentage of profits go to animal charities, like pet rescue. Each bag is very long lasting. It only takes 1 - 2.5 teaspoons a day depending on the size of your dog or cat. We love Cranimals and we hope you and your furry friends do too!


    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

  • Natural Cure to Stinky Dog Breath


    Finally, a natural cure to stinky dog breath that really works! Here at Eco Dogs and Cats, we are no strangers to smelly dog kisses. We love the licks, but we would enjoy them a lot more if we could handle the halitosis!  We've discovered an incredible product by Nature's Inventory, called Doggie Breath Wellness Oil, that takes care of that dog breath once and for all! Delta, the owner of Eco Dogs and Cats, tested it on her Golden Retriever Hannah, and it instantly worked like a charm!

    Hannah may be thinking: Wait, that minty oil wasn't a treat? Hannah may be thinking: Wait, that minty oil wasn't a treat?














    Just shake the bottle of Doggie Breath Wellness Oil and apply one pump onto your dog's tongue. So easy and convenient. The peppermint will also simultaneously help to settle any tummy and digestive issues. Make sure not to use it for cats, as their systems are not suited for essential oils.

    We love products from Nature's Inventory because they are free of synthetic ingredients (including synthetic fragrances and synthetic preservatives), contain no petroleum based ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and are certified organic. We also love that their products are natural, gentle, safe and effective. It's extremely important to us that their products are never tested on animals, meeting our high standard of ethics so we never harm another animal for the sake of animals we share our homes with.

    If you have a beloved pup with stinky breath, Doggie Breath Wellness Oil is a must-have! We welcome you to try it for yourself and tell us below about your experience with it!












    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

  • Ami Ecosand Pet Litter is Evolutionary


    We love Ami! They make the most popular vegan cat food, Ami Cat, as well as the high quality Ami Dog food, Ami Bones, and more. We are proud to be a direct importer and are enthusiastic about their innovative, environmentally friendly, and entirely vegan products.

    We just received our latest import shipment, and we're excited to try one of their newest products: Ecosand Evolutionary Pet Litter! This litter is exactly what it is labeled; evolutionary! It is made solely from natural plant material and is 100% biodegradable. What we find especially amazing is that you can flush it down the toilet or use it as a fertilizer! It's important for us, at Eco Dogs and Cats, to carry products that are eco friendly, and we are so pleased with the new level of sustainable that this product takes cat litter to.

    We pride ourselves in selling only natural, non-toxic, merchandise. Our furry family deserves the best care we can provide and we want you to have access to the safest high quality products here. That's why we love that Ami Ecosand Cat Litter is non-toxic and hygienic for both humans and nonhuman animals. The litter prevents the growth of bacteria, making it extra safe and also effective at eliminating unpleasant odors.

    Some other benefits of Ecosand Cat Litter are the low static charge and the soft and pleasant texture. It's also rare to find litters like this that do not stick to our furry friend's paws and scratch or mark the floors. No more messes! Ami Ecosand Cat Evolutionary Pet Litter is easy to use and long lasting. It has ball-forming, clumping action and can be used for both cats and small animals.

    You can be one of the first to try out this innovative litter! It's great for the environment, feline and small animal companions, and humans too. We carry it here in a 3kg size (6.6 lbs). Let us know how you like it by leaving a comment below. We can't wait to hear feedback about your experiences with it.


    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

  • Small Business Saturday at Eco Dogs and Cats


    We're so excited for Small Business Saturday at Eco Dogs and Cats! It's a great day to remember the importance of supporting the small businesses in our communities and elsewhere. Big businesses are successful even without our extra holiday-spending support. However, small businesses may struggle year round to make ends meet, and would really benefit from any business.

    Eco Dogs and Cats is a vegan owned and operated company. There are only two of us involved in day to day business: the owner, Delta, and myself. We also have one tech professional who helps with our website. We are dedicated to providing quality, eco friendly, and ethical products as well as quality service, and we hardly break even. It's worth it for us to make these incredible products more accessible to you.

    We love this day, and we love supporting small businesses. We sell products from small local businesses, like Cat Chums Vegan Cat Treats. For cats and humans, we offer one-of-a-kind Vegan Pottery Ceramics (saucers, bowls, plates, and chopstick holders) that are handcrafted with all vegan materials by a ceramicist in California.

















    We have great products for gifts and stocking stuffers: wonderful blankets and beds, our wide selection of eco friendly toys, and healthy and yummy treats for dogs and cats to name a few!

























    As a very small business, we at Eco Dogs and Cats appreciate any and all support to help us keep providing eco-friendly, vegan, and ethically responsible products. To show our appreciation, we are offering a 10% off discount to all who shop our website on Small Business Saturday and FREE shipping on Cyber Monday (with purchase of $50 or more, excluding dog and cat food). Happy fall, happy holidays, and happy ethical shopping!


    Custom Banner Ad










    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats


  • The Most Adorable Beds for Dogs and Cats


    Bowsers Eco Buttercup beds exemplify the word cute! There's nothing more adorable than seeing your furry babies cuddled up in a cushion that hugs them in and makes them look like they're the center of a flower! Does anyone remember the Anne Geddes flower baby portraits? I'll give you a reminder:

    Photo credit: Anne Geddes Photo credit: Anne Geddes
    Photo credit: Anne Geddes Photo credit: Anne Geddes









    This bed make me think of these pictures! I almost can't handle the cuteness. The material of these beds is also incredibly soft. I sort of wish there was a giant sized Eco Buttercup that I could cuddle into! It's great that it's machine washable and dry-able, which is a nice convenience for easy cleaning.

    The Eco Buttercup Bed has a great adjusting feature so it can be used flat as a lounging mat or the string/toggle can be pulled to adjust the size of the opening. The Eco Buttercup Bed has a great adjusting feature so it can be used flat as a lounging mat or the toggle string can be pulled to adjust the size of the opening.














    At Eco Dogs and Cats, we appreciate Bowsers' environmentally friendly principles. Here is a quote from their website:

    "Our fabrics are Made in the USA and are certified yearly by Oeko-Tex, an environmental association that tests and certifies that textile products do not contain nor are they produced using harmful substances and/or chemicals. Our Eco Berber fabrics, and Eco High-Memory Fill are made using recycled soda bottles. We also offer a natural hemp fabric, a stylish yet highly sustainable fabric. Hemp can also be grown in near drought conditions, which reduces the drain on precious water resources."

    The Eco Buttercup is made of Eco-Tech Fleece with faux leather piping, and stuffed with "Super-Loft" recycled fibre. The Eco Tech fleece is made from recycled plastic soda bottles. No cows died to comfort our nonhuman animal family, and our planet doesn't have to suffer as much either. That's true comfort we can all feel good about!















    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

  • Leather - To Reuse or to Refuse?


    Eco Dogs and Cats is a vegan owned and operated company. We believe in compassion for all sentient beings. We know it's unnecessary to exploit, to inflict suffering, and to take the lives of others for our benefit. We have the privilege of having access to grains, fruits, vegetables, and the wonderful bonus of vegan alternative products. We have the option to buy products not tested on animals (toiletries, makeup, household cleaning supplies, etc.), to wear clothing that isn't made of animal body parts (fur, leather, down, wool, etc.), and to choose entertainment that doesn't harm and exploit animals (like zoos, aquariums, marine parks like Sea World, circuses, etc.)

    But when making the transition, should we throw away our old leather shoes? Should we toss out our wool sweater? Trash our soap that contains someone's body parts and thats chemical ingredients were forced into the sensitive eyes of innocent rabbits or beagle puppies? Is vintage fur okay, because the animal has already been electrocuted, or drowned, or skinned alive?

    After all, valuable resources went into producing products of these animal's suffering. In the leather industry, many humans suffer by being put in poor working conditions and having to work with toxins to keep the cow's skin from rotting away. The cows suffered immensely before their untimely death and all that is to show for it is their skin, fashioned into something functional and trendy. Is it wrong for us to just dump that into a landfill?

    If we wore a dead human's skin, even skin of someone who died peacefully of natural causes instead of being murdered, we would be called sociopaths. There may even be legal consequences. It would be absolutely outrageous! So why are the bodies of nonhuman animals any different? Because we do not see their deaths as equal to ours? Because they do not speak? Because we are so used to seeing their body parts exploited and turned into "things"?

    Take a minute to imagine that these "products" were made up of the dog, cat and/or other nonhuman animal that you share your home with. Imagine their bodies were stolen and abused, that they cried out in fear and pain, that they suffered in death, and then someone turned them into some"thing" utilitarian. Personally, my heart would be broken. I would want my cat and dog, Bella and Sebastian, to be treated respectfully in death. I would want to bury them and I would mourn the loss of their lives because they are part of my family and their lives matter.

    When I somehow find in my possession a "product" that was once part of an animal's body, or a product that an animal suffered for, I do not consume or use it. Not because I believe in keeping myself pure, but because it's feels disrespectful and wrong for me to participate in oppression and exploitation, and to use what is not mine to use.

    This civilization is built on the exploitation of nonhuman animals and none of us can be perfect, but should we not try to grow and at least think about the statements we are making and the actions we are supporting? If we are privileged enough to afford new shoes that are not made of someone else's skin, and are provided the education that the skin is a result of someone's suffering and someone's loss of life, should we not buy new shoes? And if we are privileged enough to have access to shoes that were made without exploiting humans, should we not make an effort to buy those?

    We can all keep taking steps until we reach a point where we are doing everything that we are able to do to cause the least amount of suffering, exploitation and oppression in this civilization built on suffering, exploitation and oppression. As compassionate individuals, let's all make efforts to keep growing, questioning unjust societal norms, and fighting for equality and an end to oppression of all peoples and all nonhuman animals. We can start by looking inwardly and see what actions we need to take to gain integrity with our compassionate intentions. Cleaning out the closet can be the bridge to our road of respect and equality for all!

    Wildlife overpass on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, USA. Image via The World Geography. Wildlife overpass on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, USA. Image via The World Geography.

















    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

  • Protect Black Cats this Halloween


    Animal abuse certainly is "spooky." As if black cats don't have it hard enough because many refuse to adopt them based on their fur color, Halloween can be especially horrific for them. To this day, some use black cats as props and few practice a tradition of sacrificing them on Halloween. Because of this, some shelters refuse to let anyone adopt black cats during the week of Halloween.

    We love the tips in this article from PETA on how to protect companion animals on Halloween.

    Make sure you keep your furry friends inside in a secure room, and avoid taking them on trick-or-treating trips. Halloween can scare all members of the family!

    We wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween this year!


    Woofs and Purrs,


    Eco Dogs and Cats

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