My one year old dog Sebastian’s life is not complete without toys to chew on and to play fetch with! Every day when I come home from work, he greets me with excitement, and then promptly runs away to find a toy to bring back so we can play and he can chew! Two of our favorite types of durable bouncy toys are the West Paw Zogoflex sets, and the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff sets. Sebastian, a Jack Russell Terrier mix, doesn’t have the jaws of a German Shepard, but he is capable of ripping the stuffing out of a stuffed animal or destroying a flip flop in seconds! These two types of toys are sturdy and perfect for his incessant chewing desires. My new flip flops are safe now that he’s busy with these!

The Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff toys we sell here at Eco Dogs and Cats are made in the USA with eco-friendly materials. They are all non-toxic (as is everything we sell), recyclable, and the Recycle Bone is made from all recycled materials. We love the Orbee-Tuff Chew-o-meter that rates durability of each of their toys! The round Orbee-Tuff toys like the Orbee-Ball are for the most aggressive chewers, roundish shaped like the Strawberry are for fairly aggressive chewers, and elongated shaped like the Bone for Pups are for average chewers.

West Paw Zogoflex toys are also made from eco friendly materials. They are recyclable and West Paw uses a toy recycling program to make new toys from 100% recycled old toys. All of these buoyant toys are BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic and FDA compliant. We love that 100% of their toys are made in the USA, because it gives us peace of mind for the treatment of their employees, the nontoxic quality of their products, and is easier on the environment to keep it local when a company, manufacturer, and distributor are all in the same country. 

Sebastian and his best friend Speedy playing with the West Paw Hurley, in Tangerine color, Mini size.

Sebastian and his best friend Speedy playing with the West Paw Hurley, in Tangerine color, Mini size.

We love the treat spot features in the Tizzi, Tux, Orbee-Ball, RecycleBone, Football, Strawberry, Bone for Pups, and Old Soul (which is perfect for senior dogs whose chewing strength has weakened over the years).

For tug-a-war, the Bumi is my personal favorite. It is so elastic and stretches for the most fun tugging session! The Hurley, RecycleBone, Tizzi, and Bone for Pups are good for tugging play as well.

All of these toys are excellent for catching and chewing, but we believe the ideal bouncy dog toys for these events are circular ones, like the Jive, Orbee-Ball, RecycleBall and 3-toys-in-1, and the Old Soul.

At Eco Dogs and Cats, we also love the Zisc Floatable Flyer as a safe and durable frisbee toy, and the Mazee shows us just how smart our dogs are and how determined they are to get treats, although we were probably already well aware of that! We are amazed at the Wood Chuck, which is the ultimate ball launcher. Instead of cheap, chemical laden plastic, the Wood Chuck is made with sustainable bamboo and recycled cork and includes a RecycleBall!

As guardians, it’s nice to know that these materials rinse clean so we don’t have the hassle of a tough cleaning job or toys getting ruined in the washing machine. These toys are low maintenance, buoyant, float in water, and made with the safest eco friendly materials! What more could we ask for? No, really, we are stumped.


Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats