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From The Field Catnip Tea Bags
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Meet From The Field's new innovation. Filling or refilling cat toys with catnip is quite a messy job! We are simplifying this task for you by offering catnip pods for packing cat toys. The tea bags we chose are smell neutral, and the porous nature of the tea bag material assures that only the great fresh minty smell of catnip goes through your cat toys. In short, you can’t tell the difference between a cat toy that have been filled with just catnip or our catnip tea bags. The tea bags we use are 100% compostable / biodegradable, non-GMO, chemical free and made in USA!
Our popular “Ultimate Blend” mix of natural catnip and silver vine is now available in a no-mess compressed pellets format. No additive, just pure compressed catnip, and Silver Vine. Our improved milling and compression system insure the most potent catnip pellets! Silver Vine powder, sticks, and Silver Vine cat toys are barely known in the US, and are sometimes hard to find. That is why From The Field is proud to introduce and wholesale one of the first selection of Hemp Cat Toys filled with Silver Vine and Catnip mix, made in the USA! We work directly with one of the largest US laboratories of food testing services to ensure that the Silver Vine fruit and sticks we use are fully tested and completely safe for cats (The same process we go through for our signature catnip).
From The Field Lafonda's Lollipop
Meet Lafonda’s Lollipop! Silver Vine Sticks are the natural stems from the plant. It promotes the cat’s dental heath by exfoliating the plaque on their teeth while the cats chew on the bark. With a natural cork ball on top, your cat(s) will have a good time! Silver vine is a fruit in the kiwi family and safe for cats. Made in USA! The Natural cork ball will make the toy roll around Promotes Cat’s Dental Health by Exfoliating The Plaque On Their Teeth Provide healthy exercise for cats Silver vine may work with cats insensitive to catnip Made in USA
Hemp rope cat toy marinated in all natural catnip.

From The Field all-natural Loppy Luna is made with hemp yarn and cork ball, it is the size of a hair band, a favorite amongst cats! Cats love to fling, swat, and chase these toys.

Comes in a set of two. Made in the USA!


Watch Stella the cork comet fly in the air when your cat is going to get a hold of her!

Stella is a Natural Cork Ball with seven natural hemp twine in rainbow color.

Made in the USA!

These all natural cork balls are packaged in a resealable bag and marinated in our all natural organically grown potent catnip. In short, our cork balls are a great natural alternative to plastic or foam balls.
Hopped Up Harry is made with natural hemp fabric and filled with our potent herbal blend MX: All natural catnip, fresh Valerian roots, and some buckwheat hulls for a nice crinkly sound. A sure success with even the most finicky cat! We use food colorant to stamp Harry’s face, so no worry if your cat is a licker. This cat toy is completely biodegradable and Made in USA!
100% strong hemp rope Chemical-free, non-toxic Entirely biodegradable Made in USA Offered in 4 sizes: Small (8mm) Medium (10mm) Large (19mm) Extra-Large (25mm)

From The Field Catnip Spray is made from 100% pure catnip essential oil that is extracted from the companies legendary catnip buds which are hand-picked in Washington state each year at the height of their oil content. This highly concentrated spray contains 96% Nepetalactone (Organic Plant Catnip) that your four-legged friend is going to love! Use this spray to rejuvenate old toys, acclimate your kitty to a new environment, or as a training tool.  

• Made of 100% Pure Catnip Essential Oil 
• Grown and Hand-Picked in Washington State
• Rejuvenate Old Toys, or as a Training Tool
• Comes in a 1 oz glass bottle

Ingredients: Catnip Oil & Distilled Water

Jacques le Sock is filled with our “Ultimate Blend “of Silver Vine and all natural catnip, along with buckwheat hulls for a crinkly effect! It may also work with kitties that do not react to catnip. Fully biodegradable and made in the USA!
Tia The Hemp Turtle
Tia The Hemp Turtle and Frank The Fish are both filled with our signature ultimate blend mix and buckwheat hulls. A sure hit with cats who loves to get their paws wet! Fully biodegradable and made in USA!
Fluffy the Hemp Pillow is made of strong colorful hemp fabric and filled with potent all-natural catnip. 2 per bag. Assorted colors. Fully biodegradable and made in the USA!
Shelby the Hemp Mouse is made from nothing but hemp cloth, hemp string, and food dye, and comes packed with uber-potent organic catnip. All natural and ready to please, Shelby is waiting to play with your cat! Assorted Colors.
A must for the holidays! This interactive gift kit includes a empty Shelby The Refillable hemp mouse, and three 0.2 Oz bags of catnip: Leaf & flower, Fine ground, and Ultimate Blend Silver Vine + Catnip. FInd out which one your cat loves the most! Made in USA!
From The Field All Natural Catnip Buds Grown in The USA

From The Field, all natural catnip buds are Harvested at the peak of the plant essential oil production providing cats with the most potent and aromatic catnip available on the market today. Hand harvest from the field by catnip expert with true feline instinct.

★ Made and Grown in The USA

★ Fresh, potent, and hand-picked just for your cats

Provides healthy exercise for cats!

These all-natural catnip buds can be given directly, added to refillable toys, or marinated in cats favorite toys. These catnip buds on the stalk are significantly more potent than leaf and bud catnip. 

Bag size: 0.5 oz

From The Field Deluxe Purrfect Gift Kit Cat Toy and Catnip is a must for every feline! Purrrfect Deluxe Gift Set contains: • Shelby the Mouse Hemp Cat Toy • Shelby the Refillable Mouse Hemp Cat Toy • Catnip Spray Bottle • Cork Ball • 0.5 oz of From the Field Catnip Leaf & Flower Available in a durable, reusable vinyl bag with handle and a zipper. Bag colors may vary.
Strong Raw Hemp Rope Can be used as a chew toy (supervised) or fetch & retrieve toy Promote healthy exercise & Interactive Play Antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistant Hypoallergenic Dye free Chemical-free, non-toxic 100% Biodegradable Made in USA The natural hemp fibers that compose our dog toys are similar to grass, although we do not recommend leaving your dog unattended with our dog toys. Each individual dog has their own level of intensity when chewing a toy, so they always need to be supervised! Contact us for wholesale prices for the Healthiest Tug Toys for your dog!

Catnip Buds are our most potent form of all natural catnip. The flowers act as little pockets of catnip essential oil, pinch and crumble them to release full potency. It will make you cats day. Offered in a resealable tub.

★ Made and Grown in The USA

★ Fresh, potent, and hand-picked just for your cats

★ Provides healthy exercise for cats!

These all-natural catnip buds can be given directly, added to refillable toys, or marinated in cats favorite toys. These catnip buds on the stalk are significantly more potent than leaf and bud catnip. 

Tub Size: 1 oz

Vegan Cat Starter kit contains everything you need to transition your kitty to a vegan diet!