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These bone-shaped 100% vegan chew treats will be a dog’s favorite treat, and they have added benefits, too! The Bone Care chews (white) have an exceptional balance of vitamins and minerals to help aid in proper bone support for your pampered pooch. All varieties of Ami Bones are available in two sizes - small 25g bones, and large 75g bones. Imported from Italy. Bones are now sold as single units and will be sent in a clear plastic bag rather than packaging shown in the image, as Ami is no longer selling them in pre-packaged form. We applaud their change since it minimizes excess packaging issues! The small bones are not sold in groups of three as with the older packaged version, now sold individually. Ingredients: Cereal grains, vegan vitamin and mineral additives

Natural dog chews by Camon in the shape of a star.
All natural vegetable snack for dogs.
Pawtato Tubes

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Benevo® Pawtato Tubes are a delicious Vegan, Low Fat, and hypoallergenic treat for your dog. Made with sweet potato and rice, these fun shaped tubes are ideal for chewing, with seaweed to support good health. Provides a source of fibre for healthy digestion.
Orbee-Tuff Ball by Planet Dog

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Rated a top product by numerous magazines and called the "world's best dog ball" by industry experts, the Orbee Ball is what put Planet Dog on the map!
Pawtato Knots are the perfect replacement for rawhide dog chews, reminiscent in shape these sweet potato replicas are tempting to both owner and companion animal alike. Available in two sizes, small size contain around 10-12 knots, large size contains 3 knots.
Your dog will enjoy the tough, rawhide-style goodness of these tasty imported vegan dog chews by Camon! Made with the finest GMO-free ingredients, your dog will be one happy pup when you give them one of these treats. Pack of 12 with 2.75 inch chews Pack of 6 with 4.33 inch chews
Natural Control Neem Oil Shampoo
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200ml bottle Neem oil is particularly disagreeable to parasites, fleas, and ticks. Therefore, the special combination with green clay and tea tree oil represents an excellent, natural and safe protection for dogs and cats. It tends to balance, absorb, and repair. Cleans deeply without changing the natural characteristics of skin and fur. It is especially effective at soothing skin irritations and eliminating dandruff and itching.The high-quality ingredients feed essential nutrients to the hair roots, strengthen the keratin, prevent flaking and make the skin structure compact, tonic and elastic. This shampoo represents an excellent support for the successive application of spot-on, lotion or collar, to obtain a more effective barrier effect. Directions: dilute 1 part of shampoo with 5 parts of water and distribute the dilution on the dry fur massage and brush to make the dilution penetrate down to the roots let it act for some minutes than rinse abundantly
Max and Ruffy's Tree of Life: Molasses, Coconut and Flax
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We’ve masterfully blended rich coconut with molasses and flax to bring your pooch a treat packed full of pure goodness. The Tree of Life ingredients are each known for their nutritional and health benefits; the combination of them is undeniable delicious! Wholesome goodness in every bite!
Max and Ruffy's 24 Carob Gold
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Amazingly delicious, low in fat, healthy and wheat free! We have combined healthy antioxidant-rich strawberries, energy-rich carob (a legume rich in vitamins and fiber), the Peruvian SUPERFOOD maca which has been shown to increase endurance and strength, and extra-virgin coconut oil to support healthy skin and a shiny coat! An excellent snack for rewarding and replenishing on walks or hikes. Wholesome goodness in every bite!
Max & Ruffy's Kelp Highway: Butternut Squash & Kelp (Grain Free)
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Ingredients: Organic Buckwheat Flour, Organic Butternut Squash, Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Dried Kelp, Organic Parsley
(all ingredients are certified organic)

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 10%, Crude Fat (min) 7%, Crude Fiber (max) 8%, Moisture (max) 6%

Did you know that the first folks to arrive to the Americas might have followed the Kelp Highway?
This treat is named after the Kelp Highway Hypothesis. This is a theory concerning the original colonization of the American continents. The theory builds on the Pacific Coast Migration Model, which proposes that the first Americans reached the New World by following the coastline along Beringia and into the American continents. Kelp forests are found adjacent to some of the earliest coastal archaeological sites in the Americas supporting the idea that such forests may have facilitated these human coastal migrations around the Pacific Rim near the end of the last glacial period.

Mr Barkeys biscuits
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Yes, there was a Mr. Barky. And, yes, he loved his homemade vegetarian dog biscuits. Mr. Barky's Vegetarian Dog Biscuits DOES NOT contain any meat products and are wheat and yeast free. Now all dogs can enjoy this crunchy, delicious snack.
Hard raw-hide style treats! This package contains 10 medium-sized 100% vegan “beef” stick chews for dogs that are approximately 5” long each and are made with non-GMO ingredients.
Spot On for Dogs

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Comes with 5 vials. This natural and safe protection from fleas and ticks is particularly recommended for puppies, older or recovering dogs, pregnant and nursing dogs, and for pets in close contact with children. Contains pure Neem oil. Directions: Turn the cap in order to open the seal and remove the (reclosable) cap. Apply the protective agent drop by drop to your dog's skin, from tail to neck against the fur. Shock treatment: apply 1 vial every 2 days for at least 2 applications, while making sure that the lotion reaches your pet’s skin. Preventive treatment: Apply 1 vial every 7 or 15 days, according to the weather and environment conditions

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Mr. Pugsly's Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
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A crunchy, delicious all-natural snack inspired by an adorable pug named "Mr. Pugsly" whose obsession with peanut butter was the driving force behind PetGuard creating these scrumptious biscuits.

A delicious and easy to make organic chocolate dog cake mix. Flavoured with organic carob and cinnamon the mix is easily baked or microwaved to create the sponge base on which you can spread the organic coconut flavoured icing included in the pack. Owners can then use their imagination to add carrot or breadstick candles, maybe some fruit into the sponge mix or top the cake off with their favourite biscuit!

Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society Approved.

★ Ideal for birthdays, seasonal celebrations and more
★ Wheat-free Organic Recipe
★ No GMO Ingredients
★ No Added Sugar
★ No Added Salt
★ No Meat, Egg or Dairy

Cake Mix:
Composition: Organic Carob and Cinnamon Cake Mix Composition: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Carob Powder (4%), Baking Powder, Organic Cinnamon Powder (1%), Xantham Gum.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 7.5%, Fat 2.5%, Fibre 0.9%, Inorganic Matter 3.5%, Moisture 12%.

Organic Coconut Frosting:
Composition: Organic Corn Flour, Organic Coconut Flour (1%), Xantham Gum.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 1%, Fat 0.5%, Fibre 0.4%, Inorganic Matter 0.6%, Moisture 14%.

Old Soul Orbee-Tuff® Orbee with Treat Spot™
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Our Old Soul Orbee-Tuff® Orbees innovatively address issues that every dog experiences as they grow older and wiser: reduced vision and snout strength, weakened jaw muscles and brittle teeth. They were specifically designed for senior dogs whose chewing strength and urgency have waned over the years, but who still like a good, gummy chew. They are double soft, double minty, uniquely pliable and stretchy. The colors of Old Soul Orbees are high-contrast to make seeing them easier.

Like all of our other Orbee-Tuff® toys, Old Soul Orbees are 100% recyclable, buoyant, bouncy, non-toxic and safely made in the U.S.A.

Because Old Soul Orbees were designed specifically for senior dogs, they are not appropriate for aggressive chewers. But they may be enjoyed by dogs of all ages who have gentle jaws.

Bichon “Fries” are the smallest chew: they resemble crinkle cut french fries. They are perfect for smaller breeds as a chew, or a treat for larger dogs. They are still chewy but they tear easily into smaller pieces too, for treats or training. They are available in 5 oz. resealable bags.

An excellent chew for all dog sizes. Made of whole thick slabs of sweet potato, dehydrated. The chews have a hard surface, excellent for dental health, and a chewability that dogs love. Smaller breeds will chew these for fifteen to twenty five minutes. Medium to larger sized dogs will chew them faster, of course. All Sam’s Yams Dog Chews are particularly well suited for senior dogs whose teeth and gums are more sensitive.

Made from 100% sweet potato, Sam's Yams ® are totally digestible and are an excellent nutritional chew, far superior to other health treats in any nutritional comparison. We use only water in our processing. Nothing else.

Powerhouse: Sweet Potato & Alfalfa Flavor
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These savory treats combine two nutritional powerhouses, sun-cured alfalfa and creamy, sweet potatoes. Dogs love the irresistible flavor of this mouth-watering, fiber, and nutrient rich treat.
Mother Quinoa's Pumpkin Patch
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This flavorful, wheat-free recipe blends rich, nutritious pumpkin with the perfect complement of spices. Irresistibly delicious, this treat is easily digestible and a favorite to many dogs.
A fast acting clotting formula to stop bleeding due to clipped nails.
A soothing foam that aids the the relief of hot spots.
Ingredients: Organic Barley Flour Organic Peanut Flour Organic Blueberries Organic Barley Flakes Feed as treat
Ingredients: Organic Barley Flour Organic Barley Flakes Organic Cranberries Organic Coconut Organic Sunflower Seeds Feed as treat
Ingredients: Organic Barley Flour Organic Blueberries Organic Cinnamon Organic Vanilla Feed as treat
Ingredients: Organic Barley Flour Organic Rolled Oats Organic Bananas Organic Applesauce Organic Cinnamon Feed as treat
The cure for the common treat is here! Made with only the purest ingredients, Pure Hearts™ are made using 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients that are not only good for your furry friend, but ridiculously delicious too!
Perfectly sized for training, small dogs, or figure-conscious dogs! Approximately 1 calorie per treat, Coco-Charms™ are made using 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients that are not only good for your furry friend, but ridiculously delicious too! Absolutely no eggs, dairy, grains, or preservatives, so dogs with sensitive tummies or allergies can enjoy them too.

Give your buddy a shot of B12 with our new Orbee-Tuff® Strawberry. This toy delivers 100% of a dog’s daily requirement of rompoflavin, chompohydrates, vitamin WAG and dietary fun.

Non-toxic, recyclable and rinses clean. Made in the U.S.A.


Tizzi™ dog toy is an active dog toy that spirals through the air giving the time-honored game of fetch a dynamic new spin.

  • Twist handles together for maximum flight
  • Untwist handles to hide dog treats inside
  • Water dog toy (Tizzi floats)
  • Great fetch dog toy
  • Two sizes - Large & Tiny
  • Made in the USA

Tizzi is meant for interactive and supervised play. Like all of the dog toys in our top-selling Zogoflex dog toy line, Tizzi is guaranteed against dog damage, made in the USA, 100% recyclable, non-toxic, buoyant and dishwasher safe.

Using only pure organic ingredients, Maggie’s Macaroons are RAW coconut treats that are nutrient dense and minimally processed. Made of organic coconut and coconut oil, these gourmet treats are not only incredibly healthy, but beneficial as well.
Fruit Crunch by cocotherapy
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CocoTherapy© Fruit Crunch is made from fresh organic fruits, which have been freeze-dried to preserve the valuable nutrients and taste of fresh fruit, producing a delicious crunchy treat that your pets will love.
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CocoTherapy© Veggie Crunch is made from fresh organic vegetables, which have been freeze-dried to preserve the valuable nutrients and taste of fresh vegetables, producing a delicious crunchy treat that your pets will love.
A delicious treat for your dog or cat, CocoTherapy© Organic Coconut Chips are made from dehydrated organic coconut meat. The dried coconut flakes are made of pure, 100% organic coconut meat, with absolutely NO sugars, salt, preservatives, or chemicals added.

HomeoPet's DermaDog+ is an herbal remedy for itchy, irritated skin. It's a topical solution that uses natural herbs and essential oils that have proven effective for thousands of years. DermaDog+ can be safely used in conjunction with other HomeoPet skin remedies.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well, then just back brush the coat and lightly mist to moisten the affected areas of the skin.

▪ Safe and effective

▪ Recommended by vets

▪ Clinical strength

▪ Pleasant scent


Your Pet's Symptoms

▪ Itchy, irritated skin
▪ Minor skin allergies


Possible Causes

▪ Flea & insect bites
▪ Hot spots
▪ Sunburn
▪ Abrasions 
▪ Minor skin infections


Suggested Remedy


HomeoPet Feline UTI provides relief from urinary tract infections by easing burning, improving healing, tackling anxiety often at the root of the problem, and supporting kidney function. Made in the USA.

HomeoPet Travel Anxiety homeopathic remedy provides relief for motion sickness, fear of travel in cars, boats, trains, airplanes. Vomiting, drooling, panting, and restlessness can be helped with this fast acting, non sedating liquid for dogs and cats. Made in the USA.

HomeoPet Anxiety Relief is a homeopathic remedy for relief of general anxiety in pets. Vet or grooming visits, separation from familiar surroundings, introduction of new pets and stressful situations causing barking, whining, crying, hiding, and shaking.