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Toss it, Tug it, Throw it, Even Chew It! This toy is virtually indestructible! ✳ Great for large dogs that love to play tug-of-war! ✳ Made in the USA of Flexa-Pure biothane; Contains no rubber, plastic, latex, or harmful toxins! ✳ Super easy to clean! Odor resistant and anti-microbial Just rinse with soap and water. ✳ Limited Lifetime Guarantee Available in Black, Blue, Orange, and Green. This dog toy is 24" Long.
Tri-Style Collar made with old bike inner tubes. Latch-Lock Buckle. 4 times stronger than plastic.
Ecoweave Webbing Harness Made from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles Hand Crafted and made in Portland, Oregon