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Made from Plastic Bottles. Id Spot Separate Loop for Tags. Latch-Lock Buckle. 4 Times stronger than Plastic.
Max Reflective. High Durability 100% Surface Reflective.
Tri-Style Collar made with old bike inner tubes. Latch-Lock Buckle. 4 times stronger than plastic.

Cycle Dog Leash is a 6 ft leash made in the USA from recycled bike tubes. It has a soft cushy handle, rubber edges that will not frey, is great for wet weather and easy to clean.

Every year, millions of bike tubes are thrown into landfills. Cycle Dog recycles and re-purposes these into their dog leashes and collars.

Cycle Dog products are proudly made and tested in Portland, Oregon.

Ecoweave Webbing Harness Made from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Bottles Hand Crafted and made in Portland, Oregon