Cycle Dog Collar

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  • EcoWeave Collar Purple
  • EcoWeave Collar Blue
  • EcoWeave Collar Multi Lava Lamp
  • Skinny Width Collar Tie Dye
  • Green SpaceDots Collar
  • Fuchsia Try Style Collar
  • Fuchsia Teal Kaleldoscope
  • Ecoweave Red Orange Kaleidoscope Collar
Made from Plastic Bottles. Id Spot Separate Loop for Tags. Latch-Lock Buckle. 4 Times stronger than Plastic.

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Size Small 6″-12″ (15cm-30cm). Normally fits dogs up t0 30lbs (13.5kg) Made in USA From Post-Consumer Recycled Materials Width: 5/8″ (1.6cm) Looking for a custom sewn collar or harness sized to fit your dog perfectly?

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Manufacturer Cycle Dog
Ingredients Made in USA From Post-Consumer Recycled Materials
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