While most of us get excited for the warm days of summer, our furry friends at home have the season they most dread upon them! It’s about that time again. The time when fleas take summer vacation in your dog and cats fur, and have a feast!

Thankfully, here at Eco Dogs and Cats, we offer a variety of natural and healthy solutions for your companion’s flea treatment needs. No toxic chemicals and animal tested products here! We love our PetGuard Flea Comb for catching the fleas and removing flea dirt. We also love our flea repellant products, like PetGuard’s herbal collars For Dogs and For Cats, PetZLife Neem Spray/Dropz, PetZLife Complete Coat, and the TickZ powder that can be added to food or treats to repell. Spirit Essence’s Para-Outta-Site is a preventative remedy that our long-time customers rave about. I just gave my pup Sebastian a bath with Bobbi Panter’s Charlie Dog flea repellant shampoo made in the USA.

For skin relief when those bug bites are getting irritating for your dog or cat, we have the incredibly effective HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief and HomeoPet Bug Bites, which helped my calico cat, Bella, immensely and immediately. Spirit Essence’s Skin Soother helps with anxiety to solve the symptom of itching from the inside out. We also have the Bobbi Panter shampoos, Itchy Dog and Scratchy Cat to help to sooth their skin while simultaneously getting them beautifully clean.

Everything we sell is vegan, natural, nontoxic and never from China. You can’t get better, safer, higher quality ingredients anywhere else!

As a small business, we are grateful for all of our customers’ support and happy to provide 100% vegan, eco friendly, natural, and safe products to help your loved ones get through flea season!

Woofs and Purrs,


Eco Dogs and Cats