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Meal time is the most important part of anyones day, even your companion animal. We offer top of the line, high quality, all natural, chemical free, vegan dog and cat food. Vegan dog and cat food has all the necessary vitamins and top of the line ingredients to keep your companion animal happy and healthy. I am an animal lover, a vegan and a mommy of two wonderful kids, Hannah (dog) & Simba (cat). Hannah and Simba are very happy and healthy vegans who are full of energy and just love eating all natural vegan food.  

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Evolution Diet Pet foods are the World’s Most Advanced, Highly Awarded and Safest Pet Foods. Evolution Diet Pet Foods was the inventor and pioneer of the World’s 1st Plant Protein Vegan Dog and Cat Foods and started production over 30 years ago. They are awarded for excellence, scientific achievement, and the highest integrity. Ultra Life is an Organic – Non-GMO and or Dog – Cat Food. All Evolution Dry Kibble Foods are made every 3-6 weeks. Unlike competitor’s products, all Evolution Diet Pet Foods are packed in BPA Free Airtight Plastic Bags and BPA Free Sealed Cans. Also: No Evolution Diet Cat – Dog Foods contain chemical preservatives of chemical mold inhibitors. All Evolution dry kibble foods are made every 3 – 6 weeks and they have added Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Rosemary and our airtight-waterproof containers to preserve them. This is a NEW item Specially Designed for your Pets Health! Totally Chemical Free!!! It's also Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO. Use 25% Less Volume. Food is 25% more Concentrated. Always Hydrate Food with Distilled Water Only!