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Meal time is the most important part of anyones day, even your companion animal. We offer top of the line, high quality, all natural, chemical free, vegan dog and cat food. Vegan dog and cat food has all the necessary vitamins and top of the line ingredients to keep your companion animal happy and healthy. I am an animal lover, a vegan and a mommy of two wonderful kids, Hannah (dog) & Simba (cat). Hannah and Simba are very happy and healthy vegans who are full of energy and just love eating all natural vegan food.  

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Evolution Diet - Extra Life Organic
This new variety Gourmet Extra Life Moist Canned Food is organic, 100% non-GMO, and contains no chemical preservatives.Furthermore, the cans contain no BPA. Check out this cleanest, healthiest vegan canned food for your cats and dogs! This amazing, one of a kind product has taken 5 years of ingredient studies and taste tests to develop. Evolution Extra Life Organic (much like our Evolution Ultra Life Organic Kibble) gives Dogs and Cats the very best chance of living an extra 5 healthy years beyond the average life expectancy.