Most ceramics are made with non-vegan materials, and many from China contain toxins like lead. The dishes we sell are made with all vegan, non toxic, and safe materials from a local vegan ceramicist. Give your companion animals, and yourself, the best and safest dishes and support local vegan businesses.
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This gift card is a great present for anyone with pets or anyone who loves animals! Select "send through the post office" and we will mail it for you Select "send to a friend" and we will ask for their email address and send it to them via email.
The Beco Bowls are completely sustainable to produce and biodegradable when finished with. They’re made from natural bamboo resin which is BPA free.
With their heavy weight design, Beco Scoops have a unique quality. Unlike most flimsy plastic scoops, the Beco Food Scoop is strong and durable.
The Beco Bowl for cats has a much lower rim so that our feline friend’s sensitive whiskers don’t brush up against the sides making dinner time that much easier.
The Large Olly Bottle is the perfect solution for you and your dog to share water on the go! Designed for slobber-free sharing with large dogs. Simply remove the detachable bowl and pour water from your bottle into their bowl. Easily snap back into place when finished. The attached cap is made out of a rubberized plastic with a logo grip detailing for easy opening. The Large OllyBottle is a patent pending design and made from a super durable, lightweight, dishwasher safe, BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic to keep you and your dog happy and healthy.
Decorative mats for under your cat’s food bowl, water bowl or fountain. Drymate Cat Bowl Placemats are absorbent and have a waterproof backing that protects your floor. Waterproof backing protects floors. Available in a variety of colors and designs. Slip-resistant backing keeps the mat in place.
This cover fits snuggly around the majority of 400g cans, locking in the freshness and smell of your dog’s food. It is made from BPA free silicone, is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.