Sauder Natural Sphere Cat Tower


Here kitty kitty. Give your favorite feline a whole new reason to love you with this natural sphere cat tower from the Sauder Pet Home collection. This one-of-kind cat tower will quickly become the main attraction for your little buddy. It features a wicker sphere with one access hole in the front and one in the top, so your cat can easily jump or climb right in and enjoy all day relaxing in their new favorite spot. It includes a machine washable bed cushion inside the sphere for your kitty’s comfort. It also features a carpeted base that creates another great lounging or play area. Below the sphere hangs a toy on an elastic string for extra fun and entertainment. If all that isn’t enough, one of the espresso finished legs includes a sisal rope cover to encourage scratching – a great way to minimize damage to your couch or chairs. Make this unique tower the center of your cat’s universe.

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Wicker sphere with two access holes.
Machine washable bed cushion.
Carpeted base with a toy on an elastic string.
Sisal rope cover on leg for scratching.
Espresso finish.

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 19 in


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