We love our wide variety of supplements for companion animals. From Cranimals to give extra urinary tract health, Pet Kelp to give extra healthy nutrients, to Spirit Essences and HomeoPet for a wide variety of dog and cat issues like anxiety, allergies, worms, digestion, and more. We have so much to choose from to help your cat and dog with whatever they need. We also have UTI Kits from Cranimals which come with two test kits to see if your furry friend has a UTI before using Cranimals, and if so, if they have the UTI after using Cranimals. We hope you find what you need with our selection of all vegan, natural, and non toxic supplements.
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Arf-ritis Pain Relief A serious treatment for stiffness and arthritis pain in dogs. A therapeutic blend of essential oils powerfully combine to create a special treatment. Rosemary and ginger increase the circulation to the area, while juniper acts as a detoxifier.
Hot Spot ​An extremely healing blend that calms and soothes irritated lick spots. Hot spot has been tested over and over with great results. Rose geranium balances, repairs capillaries and is a cellular regenerator and wound healer. Rosewood isa cellular stimulant. Helichrysum and lavender are an extremely healing combination, especially for open wounds.
Topical Pain relief that applies easily and penetrates quickly. Cool Menthol therapy enhances mobility and comfort for dogs.
For All Pets :: Easy to Grow :: Just Add Water: Grow organic greens right out of the bag! Pet Greens Garden and Medley are GMO-free seed and soil mixtures in a ready-to-grow bag. Just add water and in about a week, you’ll have an all-natural, nutrient-rich treat for your pet! Cereal grasses benefit your pet’s health by aiding in digestion for all animals, helping to control hairballs for cats, and providing calcium for reptiles. Birds also love to juice and prune the blades.
The calming influence of lavender and chamomile hydrosols soothe and quiet the most agitated feline. Mist the air surrounding your cat liberally and let nature take its course!
This all-natural supplement assists in the digestion and absorption of nutrients critical to good health.
An all-natural, inulin-rich prebiotic formula to support and maintain healthy gut flora.
An herbal remedy designed to support normal management of the inflammatory process and other irritations of the digestive tract.
For Dogs & Cats This formula is a complete dietary supplement for the everyday health of your pet! It contains the highest quality human-grade herbs, vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, and chelated minerals in a balanced formula. Used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise, this formula supports your pet’s resistance to disease, increases vigor and assures nutritional diversity.
This formula is designed for travel by maintaining normal digestion and equilibrium.
A combination of time-honored herbs that support healthy liver function and normal toxin elimination from the body.
For healthy cardiovascular/circulatory system functions.
Promotes joint mobility during normal exercise and supports healthy liver function. Arthritis and other rheumatoid conditions which are accompanied by pain, swelling, or stiffness of the joints. Also good for recovery from joint injuries.
This formula was designed to support natural immune functions during hay fever season
Designed to support normal liver function, this product contains larger amounts of milk thistle and dandelion than our Detox Blend for stronger activity.
A mind, body & spirit formula for aging dogs and cats that supports normal function of the digestive tract,urinary tract, circulatory system and brain.
Supports a healthy immune system. Originally designed for finicky cats as a better tasting alternative to our Echinacea/Goldenseal blend.
Tinkle Tonic Is An Herbal Tincture That Is Specially Formulated To Support A Healthy Urinary Tract In Cats And Dogs.
An alcohol-free, sweet tasting glycerin herbal tincture designed to safely calm animals during acute episodes of anxiety without diminishing alertness. Especially helpful during thunderstorms, fireworks, and travel.
Vegekit supplement has been in production since 1986. It contains semi-moist as well as kibble recipes and is current with nutrient requirements. Safe for kittens, and nursing cats.
Grouch Remedy
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This remedy helps restore a sunny disposition to animals who have become moody or grumpy for no apparent reason. Grouch Remedy is ideal for the animal who is moody, depressed, or despondent. It's also especially good for animals who are easily annoyed by children, rambunctious animals or generally chaotic homes.
Maintains a healthy liver function.
Natural Calming remedy for cats and dogs
Designed to support healthy modulation of the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), Veterinarian’s Apawthecary Hemp Leaf formula is made from pedigreed cultivars of Cannabis sativa L. that are bred to produce high levels of non-psychotropic cannabinoid constituents, with less than 0.2% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC); the active component of “recreational” Cannabis that is known for its euphoric effects.
Vegepup™ supplement helps puppies, pregnant dogs, and lactating mama dogs meet the latest dietary recommendations by simply adding this vitamin and mineral mix to freshly prepared meals.